Farrell-Cooper PAGE 752 Repair


In June of 2013 the mine was blasting to break up and help remove the overburden. When blasting the Dragline was too close. This sent tons of rock toward the back of the machine. DCS was contacted and was present the next day to assess the damage.

fc damage1

About the dragline:

  • PAGE 752 Originally came from Arkansas in 2001
  • 2 Westinghouse 724 Hoist Motors & Generators
  • 2 Westinghouse 724 Drag Motors & Generators
  • 1 Westinghouse 724 Propel Motor
  • 4 Westinghouse 816 Swing Motors & Generators

 The Damage:

  • Rock and dirt were severel feet deep in places within the machine
  • The glass around the operator's cab was damaged
  • Motor Control Center was destroyed
  • M-G sets were broken loose from the base
  • The rear hoist motor was broke loose from its base
  • Cable tray sections were damaged

DCS started the repair by removing all of the rock and dirt within the machine so the damage could be assessed. The next step was to remove the back doors and side panels. Then any damaged equipment was removed.

DCS located a replacement M-G Set in Florida that was being sold for scrap. The used M-G Set was sent to Flanders Electric for refurbishing. The Bogata Shop started building new control cabinets and Allen-Bradley MCC's were ordered. They were delivered within 2 weeks. New Siemens 6RA80 drives were ordered and installed. All damaged cable tray was replaced and new cable except boom lighting was replaced. Sixty days later the dragline was back in operating condition.