DCS is ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist our customers with scheduled and unscheduled electrical service. We provide this with a tightly-knit, dedicated group of field service engineers, technicians, and electricians. We service mining equipment in a variety of functions and in projects as large as a months-long complete machine re-build or as small as a quick, remote diagnosis of a machine’s behavior.

 Dragline Electrical Complete Installation

DCS is fully capable of providing all electrical equipment and control systems on a dragline, and we successfully turn-around a complete electrical wiring upgrade on 2 – 6 draglines per year. We are restless in continuing to improve and streamline our upgrades, and our installations utilize increasing craftsmanship and durability. Our electrical prints are more reliable than ever and we have been able to make our installations and programs consistent across many machines.

Electrical Repair

Failure of electrical equipment or wiring is never anticipated and always inconvenient. DCS is able to mobilize very quickly and procure parts though an extensive network of distributors and other mines, and provide a solution as rapidly as possible. We are often used when substations need repaired, or when old breakers fail to protect excavator cabling.

Dragline Tuning & Audits

DCS maintains periodic checkups and visits on draglines to ensure that the control system and DC circuits are functioning properly. DCS works together as a network of dedicated employees to provide analysis of "XYs" and stripline charts that DCS personnel record on draglines, and the experience of maintaining a presence on so many draglines enables us to quickly relate certain dragline situations to those we have encountered in the past. We are able to compensate for a wide variety of issues that occur as mining excavators age. We can selectively adjust references to compensate for phenomena such as swing gear lash or propel shoe issues and we can optimize controller settings to other mechanical and electrical conditions.

Advanced Dragline Diagnostics

DCS is able to leverage emerging resources such as vibration and temperature analysis to better understand the behavior of draglines. Unresolved issues have been successfully identified through the use of these technologies, and as they are adopted on draglines DCS will continue to improve the ability for end-users to monitor them. DCS is also able to provide in-depth analysis of computer equipment and networking on mining equipment.