Dragline control systems have evolved alongside decades of significant advances in technology, leading now to a world in which excavators largely depend on digital systems and computers. DCS draws upon a vast amount of experience in establishing control systems as a mix of the incredible amount of expertise and collaboration that has been achieved within its ranks, along with a mutually beneficial relationship with a multitude of mines which have served as laboratories for DCS innovation.

Fundamental Control System Improvements

The extent that DCS has improved the control system dynamics and flow has largely been accomplished independently of drive and PLC upgrades. Several modifications have been introduced which serve a substantial improvement between operator input and excavator output.

Simplification of Control Through Newest PLC/Drive Technology

We have found that the newest Siemens DC drives, referred to as "Sinamics DCM Drives" or "6RA80s", represent a double-edged sword. Regarding the DC outputs, general drive control architecture, and physical sizing, the 6RA80s remain fairly conventional and are easily to install in place of an existing 6RA70 or 6RA24. This has become an important aspect because Siemens no longer supports the 6RA80s' predecessors, and they are difficult and expensive to obtain.